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Scroll down below this map for detailed topographic map links for the Janapar Trail! Janapar-map.gif

Marked section of the Janapar Trail

Topographic Maps

These are the 50,000 scale topographic maps with the village names in English (and Russian) and the Janapar trail marked in a red dashed line. They are in order from the SE end of the trail (Hadrut), to the NW end of the trail (Karvachar).

Marked Trail

These sections of the trail are well marked, but it's still a good idea to print out these maps which have been updated in 2012 to take along on the hike and plan with. We also highly recommend printing out a copy of the Janapar Guidebook to take with you. These maps can be easily printed at in Yerevan

Unmarked Trail

Some of these sections were marked in 2007, and some have never been marked. You must depend on a GPS and these maps to hike these sections, do not rely on trail markings.

Note: When you need to ask where the trail is, always ask where the arahet (trail) is, or to be even more exact, Ur e kapuyt n'shanov arahetuh? (Where is the blue marked trail?).