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Janapar trail leads hikers through the Mountainous Republic of Karabakh.

Welcome to the Janapar (Ճանապարհ) Trail project. Our goal is to provide the information necessary to allow you to freely explore the back country of the Mountainous Republic of Karabakh. The Mountainous Republic of Karabakh is an Armenian republic with high mountains, hills and valleys. Much of it is green and forested, and almost all of it is pristine. Few travelers make it to this remote area, only accessible via Armenia, meaning you'll likely have the trail to yourself much of the time, or share it with a shepherd, as you are one of the first hikers to discover this area rich in history, culture and nature.

The Janapar project has created marked trails, maps, located homestays, and created this website. This website is a wiki, so let us know on the Facebook page if you'd like an account so you can add your experiences, knowledge and pictures as well!


An easy way to familiarize yourself with the route and scenery of the Janapar Trail is to check out the sections of the trail on the Janapar App on Viewranger.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the trail, you will find the solid information you need here to plan your hike, including maps, trail guide, home stay and travel information.

Please help spread the word about the Janapar Trail! Like and share the Facebook group, share posts, and tag any photos or tweets with #JanaparTrail

Janapar in other languages

  • Ճանապարհ (Armenian)
  • Джанапар (Russian)
  • ג'נאפאר (Hebrew)
  • Dzianapar (Polish)
  • Džanapar (Czech)
  • Janapar (Italian)
  • Canapar (Turkish)
  • ჯანაპარ (Georgian)

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