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Welcome to the Janapar (Ճանապարհ) project. Our goal is to provide the information necessary to allow you to freely explore the back country of Karabakh. Karabakh is an Armenian republic with high mountains, hills and valleys. Much of it is green and forested, and almost all of it is pristine. Few travelers make it to this remote area, only accessible via Armenia, meaning you'll likely have the trail to yourself much of the time, as you are one of the first to discover this area rich in history, culture and nature.

The project is preparing maps, marking trails, and locating home-stays, and enriching this website, along with you. This website is a wiki, so feel free to click on the "edit" tab on top of most pages and add your experiences, knowledge and pictures as well!

History of the trail

The Janapar began as a joint project of Birthright Armenia and the Armenia Tree Project, and was headed by Raffi Kojian. It was conceived in 2006 as a natural way to connect many historic paths from villages to other villages and monasteries in Karabakh, connecting them into longer stretches and providing the tools necessary for individual travelers to explore them independently.

The basic trail was decided upon in 2006, when scouting of the trails began as well and continued into 2007. By summer 2007, this website had been launched, and the trail marking had begun in earnest. Most of the trail was marked by the end of 2007.

By 2012 the trail markings needed to be refreshed. Raffi launched a volunteer effort to organize fresh new trail markers along the seven day hike from Stepanakert to Hadrut. During this effort in 2012:

  • All seven day hikes of the trail in this area were marked anew, with some changes made to the trail itself
  • New maps were added to Janapar.org site to reflect the current trail
  • An iphone app with the entire trail was made available, in order to make following the trail even easier
  • The Janapar Guidebook was written
  • A new Janapar Trail Facebook page was created to share photos and have a place to discuss the trail and share updates.

The Janapar logo is an outline of the Soviet enclave of Karabakh, with circles/ovals added to the top, representing toes. The effect is of a footprint.