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A list of villages and towns that are overnight stays on the Janapar Trail, as well as a few other select nearby villages that hikers may end up at along the way. Please send us additional listings if you discover new homes you'd recommend.

Village Directory

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Night Village Գյուղ Note
5 Avetaranots Ավետարանոց
8.1 Aygestan Այգեստան
3 Azokh Ազոխ
13 Dadivank Դադիվանք technically named Vank as well
10.1 Garnakar Գառնաքար
1 Hadrut Հադրութ
6 Karintak Քարին տակ
4 Karmir Shuka Կարմիր Շուկա
15 Karvajar Քարվաճառ
10 Kolatak Քոլատակ
14.1 Nor Manashid
9 Patara Պատարա
3.1 Shekher Շեխեր
7 Shushi Շուշի
8 Stepanakert Ստեփանակերտ
2 Togh Տող
16 Tsar Ծար
2.1 Tumi Տումի off the trail past Gtichavank
12 Vaghuhas Վաղուհաս
11 Vank Վանք aka Gandzasar
17 Vardenis Վարդենիս
14 Zuar Զուար


(also known as Chanaghchi)

Yurik and Zamira Hayrapetian

Our first home stay is Mrs. Zamira’s and Mr. Yurik’s family. They have 3 children, two girls (living in Stepanakert) and a teenage boy living with them and helping them as much as possible. They have a big and nice house with two separate bedrooms- with 4 beds for the guests- a bathroom with shower and a renovated toilet that is outdoors. Mrs. Zamira makes delicious food. She loves poetry and teaches Armenian literature at school. They can serve you great homemade red wine. -(097)270047

Henrikh and Madlen Stepanian

The second home stay is Mrs. Modlen’s and Mr. Henrikh’s family. They have a teenage daughter. She is interested in learning English and is a cheerful girl. They have a separate big room with two beds for guests and they can set two extra beds in the same room if needed. The toilet is outdoors and they can make preparations for the guests to have a shower. -(097)255300

Surik and Zamira Hayrapetian

The last home stay is Mr. Surik’s and Mrs. Zamira’s family, they have 3 daughters. Their house is very organized and has two separate bedrooms with two twin beds which can be given to hikers. They are relatives of Mr. Yurik. They have a bathroom with shower and a toilet next to it. Mrs. Zamira serves delicious jams with tea (don’t miss it…)-(097)208688


Mardik (Մարդիկ ♂) Tel: 233-101

Note: Mardik is the contact, but it's not his place, it's his sister's. She's married with two university-age daughters and a teenage son. The daughters speak a bit of English. They're a very nice family, warm and friendly. The house is comfortable. Good food.


(also known as Baluja)

Nver Dadayan

The Nver Dadayan (Նվեր Դադայան ♂) homestay is run by a woman who lives in the home with her 2 sons and daughter. They have plans to install running hot water, but in any case can provide a bucket bath. Overall condition: Very good. Toilet: clean outhouse with hole

Alvart Dadayan

Alvart Dadayan (Ալվարդ Դադայան ♀) can accommodate 3-4 people in poor conditions.


Gago (♂) Tel: 201-204 Gago is married, with three young daughters. He provided us with a good meal, lots of vodka, and plenty of laughs. Overall condition: Good. Toilet: Clean outhouse with bonus hole (one big hole and one smaller hole for bonus points). Not recommended for large groups.



Aro (♂) has a highly recommended homestay. Tel: 297-329, (097)-297329

Aro's family is great. His wife, Vera, is really sweet and makes amazing food. They have three young children, two boys and a girl. The kids like to play Sonic The Hedgehog on Sega Genesis. No one in the house speaks English. They speak Armenian, Russian and Turkish. We highly recommend them.

They are very nice and friendly and interested in having foreign guests in their home. They have one more house other then the one they live in, which has 8-9 beds and separate bedrooms. They have a reasonable bathroom with shower and an outdoor toilet. Aro works at the petrol station of the village and comes back home every two days. Vera, Aro’s wife, is a very good cook and makes delicious food and cakes.


The other home stay is Aro’s father Mr. Armo’s family. His family consists of his wife Mrs. Tamara and himself. They have three separate bedrooms and six extra beds for guests. Mrs. Tamara is very polite, very kind and hardworking. Mr. Armo’s brother is well informed of the history of Artsakh, Azokh and even the history of the world. If you want to know more about the cave, about the nature and about all the churches located in the mountains surrounding Azokh, just ask him to have a cup of tea with you and he will answer all your questions and some more. Before I entered the cave of Azokh, I asked him about Azokh and about the structure of the cave. He drew the map of the cave and explained it.


see Patara


see Aygestan


There are a couple of empty homes in the village which may be available to set up sleeping bags in and spend the night. Ask about this option.

Hayk and Mrs. Alvart Danielian

Hayk (♂) and Alvart (♀) are young couples. They have emigrated from Yerevan and teaching in the school of the Dadivank. They have a clean house and can provide three bedrooms in a separate bedroom for hikers. Hayk has a good sense of humor. He is busy with honey bees and you can buy natural high quality honey from this home stay family. The only shop of the village is in their house. His car is available for any time you needed it. They have a small bathroom without shower but being renovating, the toilet is outdoor one. Hayk has horses. If you needed, let him to know two days before your arrival. Location: 8609676 USR 4447900 Elevation: 958 m

Lova and Mrs. Maret

Maret (Marina ♀) and Lova (♂) have a big family. They can take three hikers and prepare three comfortable beds in a separate bedroom fro them (They can add one more bed to this bedroom in case of it needed). They have bathroom with shower and an outdoor restroom. They have three daughters and a son. Maret makes very delicious red wine of raspberry. They are almost from Armenia. They have full time running water in their house. You can enjoy the nice and surprising scene of Dadivank from their garden. Location: 8609840 USR 4448220 Elevation: 1071 m

Movses and Shoghik

Movses (♂) and Shoghik (♀) are from Armenia (Artik). They are teaching in the school. They have two nice little sons. They have a separate bedroom which is being used as the storage, but Shoghik will prepare it for hikers, with two beds. They don’t have bathroom, but hot water can be provided to take bath and an outdoor restroom. Location: 8609668 USR: 4448181 Elevation: 1061 m

Gegham Badalyan

Gegham (♂) will take in hikers. He has a relative in Yerevan named Nina who you can call to try to arrange ahead of time, which is requested. Nina's number is 093-57-48-01

Rafik Sayan

Rafik (♂) has a house in the village, with poor conditions - sleeping bags highly recommended. Can make a great dinner, but forewarning is usually needed. Restroom facilities consist of an outhouse with a hole, and there is no shower.


Gagik Zakharyan

Gagik (♂) can accommodate over 10 guests. Conditions are medium, and clean. Outhouse with hole. Gagik enjoys vodka.

Artush Mangasaryan

Can accommodate over 10 guests. Conditions are medium, and clean. Outhouse with hole. Can heat water for bucket bath.


Hamlet and Susan

Hamlet and Susan are a delightful couple. Hamlet is from Iran, living in Artsakh since 1999. Susan, his wife, is from Baku. They are always joking and are generally happy. Susan has a teenage girl. She is very shy and doesn’t speak much till she accepts you as a friend. They have two separate bedrooms, which can be used for 5 hikers.

They don’t have a bathroom, but can prepare bathing facilities. The toilet is outside.

-Hamlet and Susan-(097)-250662, (0475)-51406


The other home stay is a single woman, who is a cultural worker in Hadrut. She has a nice, clean and organized house. It’s not a big house but has an indoor toilet and bathroom with shower. Next to Ms. Ira Tamrazian’s house, she also has a small room with two beds and the toilet and bathroom are in that room. 5 hikers can spend a night in her house. She is well informed about the history of Artsakh and the history of Hadrut.

-Ms. Ira Tamrazian-(097)-295629


Do NOT stay with the Arushanyan family! They took in one hiker and did not provide food or washing water, but demanded 10,000 dram ($25) which is absolutely unacceptable and very unusual behavior in this region.

Guesthouse Nadejda

Guesthouse Nadejda in Karintak with hot shower, internet, TV, 6 beds, tasty local food and warm athmosphere. we also offer day trip with 2 cars to see attractions of the region. English speaking hosts.

Email :
Facebook: gayane.arutyunyan.75
Mobile: +37497285875


Ulmar may be able to help find homestays in Karintak: 231-992

Our first home stay family which I lived during those days are the Arushanian family. They have a big and nice house with two separate bedrooms for guests. The toilet is outdoors and has been renovated. They have a bathroom with a shower. The mother of the family Ms. Donara is the head of the family and is a nice woman. She makes delicious food and jams. The son of Ms. Donara, Mkhitar is the Mayor of the village. He is such a nice and polite person. He is married and has a son.

The other home stay family I chose unfortunately was leaving for Stepanakert for the holidays. Therefore I had no time to stay in their house and connect with them. Even so they have 5-6 beds for our hikers, the same as the Arushanian’s.

-Mkhitar (097) 240026-(0479) 731907 (097) 240576 -(0479) 731334

Karmir Shuka

Samvel the younger

Samvel (Սամվել ♂) Tel: 097-213-335 Samvel is in his late 20's and lives with his mother. Their house is currently under renovation, but livable. They have a shower, which is nice, since most of the other homestays don't. They provide you with good food and good company (his friends are usually over hanging out... nice guys). Samvel's grandmother lives across the street. One big perk of visiting Karmir Shuka is meeting Samvel's grandmother. She's really sweet, lives across the street, and looks like Yoda. She is also able to provide lodging if you're traveling with a large group. Languages spoken at Samvel's house are Armenian, Russian and Turkish. His friend Ando also speaks some English.

Officer Samvel

Officer Samuel’s family. Even though he doesn’t live in the village due to his job (he is an officer), I have stayed at his house with his parents Mrs. Donara and Mr. Borik. Samuel’s mother is a nice woman and makes light, but delicious food. The other home stay is Samuel’s brother Davit’s family. He is married and has a son. His wife Nona is a young and shy woman. They have one separate extra room for the guests. Nona prefers to take girls into their house. They don’t have a phone so you have to contact them thru Samuel or his father. They have an outdoor toilet and bathroom with shower.

-Samuel Aserian-(097)213335-((097)224149, Mr. Borik) -Davit and Nona Aserian-call Samuel


Tiko (Տիքո ♂) Tel: 286-828 Tiko is married with 2 young children. He is another option if you plan on staying in Karmir Shuka. He also lives 2 houses down from Samvel and Yoda.

Vasak and Tatevik

Vasak (Վասակ ♂) and Tatevik Tovmasian Tel: (097)259500

A young couple with a child. They are very quiet but friendly. They have an outdoor toilet and bathroom with shower.


Narimon House

Clean home. Bathroom is an outhouse. Can accomodate 4-5 people. No telephone. Have a neighbor with similar conditions.


Artur and Anahit Babayan

Mobile: (097) 24-02-17

Artur Babayan (Արթուր Բաբայան ♂) is the mayor of the village. He is very hospitable, has good beds. Outhouse with a hole for restrooms. Can heat water. Clean house and beds. Also has a neighbor with similar conditions.

Artur is married to Anahit with 2 children, one son and one daughter. The entire family is very friendly and warm. We arrived late at night, covered in mud, and they welcomed us with open arms and fed us alot.

They have a bathroom with shower and outdoor toilet. Their house is not very big, but it’s very clean, and five hikers can stay there in a separate bedroom with five nice and comfortable beds in it. Anahit( Ano) makes delicious food. And she is very organized and full of energy and sense of humor.

Overall conditions: Good. Toilet: Clean outhouse with hole. Overall experience: Highly recommend

Onnik and Amalia Balassanian

Mobile: (097) 24 08 58

Amalias family includes husband/wife and their two sons, the youngest son is studied in Stepanakert to be a musician. They live in poor condition, but their house is clean enough to stay and sleep in. They have bathroom without shower but even it is being renovated, you can take bath there and outdoor restroom.

Sergey and Nadia Harutyunian

Mobile: (097) 20 91 20

Family has 4 members - Sergey and Nadia (husband/ wife) and their two children. They have a bathroom with shower and an indoor toilet next to the bathroom. These two are renovated and very clean. They have big and clean house and have an extra bedroom with clean beds. They can take five hikers. Their house is well organized.

Nor Manashid

Not a planned overnight, but might make a good stop if your hike to Karvajar is taking longer than planned.


(also known as Ptretsik, Badara)


Suren (♂), also known as Surik, lives at the edge of the village, at the start of the trail to Kachaghakaberd and Kolatak. He lives with his son Narek who is married to Milan, and their child Nvard. They are very nice and accommodating. They have a clean home, and a nicely remodeled western bathroom. Perhaps most important of all for some hikers, there was no indoor smoking and no pressure to drink oghi. They do however have a huge muscat grape vine, and make a very nice muscat dry red wine at home each year. If they offer some, you'll likely enjoy it. Only speak Armenian and Russian. (097) 231-296

Albert and Laura

Mr. Albert Davtyan and Mrs. Laura Arustamyan
Ptretsik/Badara village, Askeran region
(097) 291403

The first home stay family is Mr. Albert’s and Mrs. Laura’s. They hardworking and nice people. They have a big house, which is close to the trail. They have done some renovations to make their house more comfortable. They can accommodate 5-6 guests in their house. They have indoor toilets and a bathroom with shower in each room. Mrs. Laura makes delicious food and preserves, includes summer fruits in their juice. They have honey bees and you can buy jar of honey from them.


Mrs. Elmira (Emma) Hairapetian

The second family is Mrs. Elmira’s (Emma). She has two daughters and and a son. Her son, Stepan, and one of her daughters, Lousineh are living in Stepanakert and study in the University of Artsakh. They come back home at week ends. Their house is not big but they can take 3 tourists. They have two bedrooms; one of them is for tourists. They have bathroom with shower and a toilet (a little bit renovated) but it is outdoors. Mrs. Elmira works in KT from her house. Her youngest daughter is such an active girl, she climbs the tree with sandals as soon as a guy does…You can ask her to bring fruits from the top of the tree for you.

Armen and Luisa

Mr. Armen and Mrs. Lousia Khachaturian

(097) 297429


Armen has a nice six member family which includes his wife Mrs. Lousia and their son Nelson, who is married (His wife is Anahid) with three children. They have two bedrooms, one is separated for tourists and they can take 3-4 tourists in their house. They have bathroom with shower and toilet but not in the house. They are interested in learning English.


In a pinch, you can stay at Artur's (♂) house, but he has made guests uncomfortable in the past, so better to try a new place. Tel: 277-909

Comments: We wouldn't recommend staying at Artur's if you have any women in the group. He made awkward comments towards my girlfriend.


Shekher is a village that you pass through on your way from Karmir Shuka to Azokh. It is not an overnight stop.

The Shekher Winery produces a good quality wine. Try some as you pass through.


Avan Shoushi Plaza

In the heart of town, by the main square. A 9 story hotel that's been nicely renovated.
29 Ghazanchetsots Street, Shushi 0010, Republic of Karabakh
Tel: + (374) 477 3-15-99
Mobile: + (374) 97 24-20-64

Shushi Grand Hotel

Large very nice hotel near the Kanach Jham Church. 20% discount if you tell them you're hiking the Janapar Trail!
2B Manoogian Street
+374 47 73 33 37, +374 97 26 44 46

Hotel Shoushi

Notes: Nice hotel, next to the white Ghazanchetsots Cathedral.
Phone: (+374-477) 31-357 or (+374-97) 25-15-99

Armen and Christina's B&B

Notes: An Armenian who moved here from France married an Armenian girl from Romania. They now run a small B&B in their flat in Shushi. Christina runs the B&B most of the time, and speaks French, English, Armenian, Russian, Romanian, and Hungarian. Phone: Christina Tel: 097-33-09-74 Home Tél: + (374-47) 73 12 30 - Armen Portable: +(374) 97 24 07 12 Address: 9/35 Aram Manukian Street, Shushi (in the building on the corner of the intercity marshutni stop. Just ask for Frantsatsi Armeni Tun)

Mkhitar and Armine

A young couple, Mkhitar and Armine. They have two children (a boy and a girl). They are able to accommodate 4 tourists in their home, in two bedrooms. Their apartment is located in front of the Ghazanchetsots church. They have a renovated toilet and bathroom. Armine makes delicious food. Both of them are very friendly.

-Mkhitar and Armineh-(097)-272922 731910


The other home stay is Mrs. Bella’s home. She is such a relaxed and quiet woman. She works in Hotel Shoushi. She has a renovated house and lives alone. She can take up to 4-5 hikers in her house. Her son works in the Shoushi prison as an officer, and rarely comes home. His future wife Oxanna also offered their house to be taken as home stay. Her home has an extra bedroom with two beds she can make available.

-Mrs. Bella Babaian-731175

-Oxanna Israelian-(097)-211727


Saro lives on the very edge of Shushi and offers very basic accommodation. He speaks English. If you ask for him in town, you will be directed to his house.


R&K Hostel

A very popular hostel in Stepanakert run by Rafo and Karina, not far from the bus station.

Nalbandyan 6, Stepanakert


The first home stay in Stepanakert is an old, calm and nice woman Mrs. Seda. She has a big two-story house. Downstairs you can find many beds and bedrooms (12 beds, 4 bedrooms), which open one into the other. I found out that she hosts people that come to Stepanakert for trade or for a visit. So it’s better to inform her 2 or 3 days before arrival, giving her time to prepare for hikers. She makes delicious food and serves a full breakfast. She also has a small garden, where you can relax and enjoy the greenery.

-Mrs. Seda-(0479)41348


The other home stay again is a single woman, Mrs. Nora. She has hosted many more foreign tourists than Mrs. Seda. She can accommodate 7-8 hikers in separate bedrooms. But again call her two or three days before you go to Stepanakert. She said, she can make breakfast, and pack lunch. In her house she has a clean toilet and bathroom.

-Mrs. Nora -(0479)44910

Edward's Guesthous

If you plan to visit this region we kindly inform that there is a new great place to sleep in Stepanakert Nagorny Karabach.

Guesthouse is based in typical armenian house. There are kitchen, huge living room and 2 four beds dormitory rooms available for guests. New bathroom. Big terrace with a view of Shusha Monastyr.

Price: 4000AMD/person, for extra 500AMD with a small breakfast.

The guesthouse is located at Nalbandian 23 in the front of YMCA. Languages: armenian, russian

Ask about Edward (owner).

Tamara & Ivan Guesthouse

21a Nal­bandian Poghots Stepanakert

Recommended by Lonely Planet:



Vardan (Վարտան ♂) has a house in Togh. Tel: 279-099

Vardan is married with two young children, a boy and a girl. His sister also lives with them. He has a twin brother, who is usually over at the house and you are bound to confuse them. The two are known in Togh and the neighbouring villages as the twins, so you can probably ask anyone in Togh to point you toward 'Vardan the twin's' house. They provided us with a good dinner and a bag lunch (bread, cheese, tomato, apple). They speak Armenian, Russian and Turkish.

Artur and Sveta

Artur is an army retired man, he is nice and let me stay in his small house, in front of the palace on the main road, since the twins said they are not letting tourists anymore. The family has a bigger house uphill. His brother Albert lives in Yerevan but came to visit and showed me around.


I’ve stayed with a family in Teghut in a nice, big house with indoor toilet and bathroom (with shower), and big separate rooms. But I would not suggest you to stay there: the husband Surik (his nick name is “khoz Surik”) doesn’t have a very good personality and makes guests feel uncomfortable. This was the case with me also. However his wife is a very nice woman, they have 5 daughters.


He is a very friendly guy, who allowed us to camp in his backyard. Nikolai is living with his sister, her kids and his parents who were all very nice and welcoming.

We had a nice evening with the family and he showed us how they are baking bread in the traditional oven.

The house is just after the river at the beginning of the village on the left hand side.


Not an overnight on the Janapar Trail, but a nice nearby village if you're in the area of Togh and Gtichavank Monastery.

This village still has 2 older men who make custom leather shoes in the traditional village style. It's virtually impossible to find anyone who makes these shoes anymore, which are much like the oldest leather shoes ever found in the world that were excavated in Armenia.


In the yard of the Mayors house you can visit a very small ruined monastery which name is “Yeghtse Ktor”, it means “a peace of church” (Yeghtse is the same Yegeghetsi). In the old cemetery you can visit another old monastery which name is Mayrakaghak. There are many khachkars all around.

Vova and Alina Begnazarian

Mobile: (097) 20 50 58 or (097) 20 02 99

Mr. Sergey’s family is not in good condition but are very nice people. They have two extra bedrooms with five clean and comfortable beds and can take 6 hikers. They have a bathroom with shower and a toilet next to it. These are renovated but the toilet is not clean… They have full time running water. The family includes Grand father, Mr. Sergey, husband/wife, a son and the grand grand children of Mr. Sergey. They are generation of Begnazarians.

Ara and Inga Adamian

Mobile: (097) 22 00 29

The third home stay family is Ara’s family. They are 6 in their family, his wife Inga, his brother and their two children. They have bathroom with shower, and outdoor restroom.They have a separate bedroom with capacity of 3-4 hikers to stay in.

Elmard and Hranush (Sonia) Sarafian

Mobile: (097) 29 39 00

Mr. Elmard and Mrs. Sonia are living alone. They are such happy and hard worker people and keep their house very clean. They can provide two clean bedrooms in a separate bedroom for two hikers. They have bathroom with shower and the toilet is outdoor. They have full time running water.


Fedya Ohanyan

(097) 23-39-39

Mayor Fedya Ohanyan (Ֆեդյա Օհանյան ♂) is hospitable, and has space for 3 guests. Neighbors have space for over 10 guests. Clean house on the edge of the village, has an indoor toilet. Fedya is a descendant of Hasan Jalalyan.

Fedya is married with 2 adult children. His son is married and his wife and baby also live with them. Their house seems like it's always filled with visitors. One visitor in particular is a gem. He has a head the size of 5 cantaloupes and a booming ridiculously loud voice that has raised the dead. He loves to drink and be photographed in various poses. If you ever stop by Fedya's, be sure to ask for the large man with the large head and the large voice. You won't be disappointed.

Overall condition: Good. Food: Okay, Experience: Very good. Languages: Armenian, Russian and Turkish

Valo and Mareta Ohanyan

Mrs. Mareta can take 4 hikers. She can prepare 4 clean beds in two separate bedrooms in her house. The house is very clean. They have bathroom with shower but it’s not renovated and outdoor toilet. The family includes husband/wife and two children, but they had guests so it was hard to recognize if there are any more people in their house (as they introduce everybody as their sister and brother!)

Vano (Vanya) and Nurvard

Mrs. Nourvard’s family is the second home stay family in this village. They have a separate small bedroom with three beds for guests. The family includes Grand Mother (Mrs. Nourvard), Grand father, Husband/wife and their children, and sister of wife.

Vazgen and Dzovinar Baghdasarian

Mrs. Dzovinar has a nice family. They are all happy and hardworking. They can take up to 4 hikers in their house and prepare clean places to sleep. They don’t have a bathroom but can give water as much as you want and provide a suitable place to take bath. The toilet is in outdoor. The family includes husband/wife, 3 sons and a daughter.


Sasha Hovhanessyan

Sasha (Սաշա ♂) has a big house with excellent sleeping conditions. There is a separate room with up to 5 nice, comfortable and clean beds. Restroom conditions are poor, with a distant outhouse with a hole. There is also no shower, though the hot springs are always available and ready, and a bucket of hot water can be provided. There is electricity. The family consists of a grandmother, a husband/wife and two kids, who all immigrated from Grozny. None of them speak English. They are perfect hosts.